New features in Accent Composer version 2

  • Unicode - Accent Composer now works with Unicode. This means it can produce a much wider range of accented characters and other symbols without needing to change fonts and character sets, as was the case with version 1. It now comes with more than 350 symbols and characters predefined, including all accented Latin characters and all Greek characters. You can also add any of the more than 65,000 characters defined in the Unicode standard. (Please note that the change to Unicode means that this version will only work on versions of Windows from Windows 2000 (SP4) onwards, including Windows XP, Vista, 2003 Server and 7)
  • Text Snippets - Compose sequences can now produce text snippets of any length, not just single characters. For example, you can define Compose-a-d to produce your entire address.
  • Vista/Windows 7 compatibility - Internally, the way Accent Composer works has been completely rewritten so that it will work with all programs under Windows Vista and Windows 7, including those with increased security like Internet Explorer.
  • Customizing - The user interface for customizing compose sequences has been improved to allow easy access to all Unicode characters/symbols.
  • Updates - Automated checking for program updates has been added so you can always be sure you are using the latest version.
  • Improved icon - A new option has been added that causes a message to be displayed in a balloon near the Á icon when the compose key is pressed. This is useful under Windows 7, which hides most icons even when they change. The balloon hint causes the icon to be displayed.
  • Consistent sequences - Some of the default compose sequences have been modified to provide a more consistent scheme as well as to allow for more sequences.