Technical Support

Before contacting us with any problems please see our list of Frequently Asked Questions.

E-Mail Support

Registered users of KCS software are eligible for free technical support on the use of the program for 90 days after purchase. This is primarily meant to answer questions about installation of the program and getting started in using it. Most questions will be answered in the help file or FAQ, so look at those first before contacting us. After 90 days we will generally try to help with more technical questions, but we reserve the right to refer users to the manuals for more basic queries.

Support queries can be e-mailed to us at

Please note that free technical support only applies to questions on the actual use of the program and its features.

Bug Reports

If you encounter a problem that you think may be a bug in Accent Composer please e-mail us with details so that we can try to track down the cause.

If the bug involved an error message from Accent Composer you can press the "Report" button on the dialog box, which will provide a space for you to type in details of the problem, then submit the report over the Internet or print out a bug report form. Please send as much detail about the problem as possible: what you were doing at the time, a detailed description of what happened when the problem occurred, details of your system configuration and other software that was running on your machine at the time, and a copy of the data file, if possible.

Thank you!